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Van Equipped

SAF11 Bolt-In Seatbed - Previous Generation

SAF11 Bolt-In Seatbed - Previous Generation

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VanEquipped Seatbeds are versatile, comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly, they are safe. Subjected to intensive testing and pass all safety certifications in North America including FMVSS/CMVSS 207/210, all the while providing a comfortable seat for traveling and upon arrival, an equally comfortable bed. A SafeTrack Seatbed Bracket (sold separately) can allow for mounting of a seatbed into any vehicle with the vertical clearance and enough surface area. On the other hand, when VanEquipped Seatbeds are paired with SafeTrack Flooring Systems (sold separately) for vans, these Seatbeds become even more versatile and can glide from one end of the van to the other with ease.


  • Multiple reclining positions including upright to fully horizontal

  • 74” Long bed configuration

  • Tabs for easy configuration transition

  • ISOFIX and TOP TETHER anchor points for child seats

  • Adjustable headrests

  • 3 point seat belts

  • Spring loaded arm for easy gliding and locking into place

  • Contoured seat cushions

  • Extra padding for comfortable bed configuration

  • Additional storage underneath including lockable drawer and soft-sided bags

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