Safety Certified

VanEquipped's SafeTrack Products are North America’s ONLY FMVSS/CMVSS 207/210 Insulated Floor, Seat, and Seat Bed System.

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  • Safety

    Hit the road and leave your worries at home. At VanEquipped we take pride in our SafeTrack Products that are fully pull tested and have up-to-date certification to meet all standards of road safety and legality in the USA as well as Canada. For more information click here!

  • Modularity

    VanEquipped Floor Systems come with a variety of finishes and rail layouts. More rails comes with more options for adjustments to appease all your passengers. With a variety of seats and seat beds available, everyone can be happy with where they are riding.

  • Practicality

    Limiting your space has its advantages, maximizing that space will limit the disadvantages. With VanEquipped Cab Seat Swivels, Floor Systems, and Adjustable Seats, getting the most out of your van has never been easier!