SafeTrack Floor & Seat System

Safety Tested for Peace of Mind

When upfitting a cargo van for passengers, cargo, or adventure, it is imperative to start out right. The floor is the single most important component to building a safe and reliable van. Our SafeTrack System ensures you begin with the safest floor on the market.

The SafeTrack floor is the only single-piece, insulated, composite floor available. Utilizing ultra lightweight materials, the insulated floor protects from the outside temperatures as well as noise. This will be the quietest floor you ever try. Its single-piece design ensures you won't be ADDING noise because assembled floors tend to squeak as surfaces rub together. Because it is glued to the vehicle floor, it adds torsional rigidity to the van as well.

What makes SafeTrack a complete safety system is our seats and seatbeds. We have all our products pull tested to meet or exceed all highway safety standards in the US, Canada, and Europe. The only way to ensure your passenger's safety is to have seats tested with the floor as a system. Seats that are not tested together with a floor are not going to be covered by insurance if there is an accident. We encourage you to check out our published safety tests on our site and review any tests provided by any other vendor you may be considering. You'll find we not only do the most comprehensive testing in the industry, but we do so more often than any other vendor as well.

**NOTE: SafeTrack is a trademark of Travois VR-RV Industries Inc.